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APRU SCL Webinar Series - Engaging the Intertidal Zone: Innovation and Tradition in a Dynamic Landscape
Intertidal zones are rapidly declining around the world due to development, reclamation, resource exploitation and pollution. These bands of land between the high and low tides provide a wide range of ecosystem services, support biodiversity both within and beyond their boundaries, and are often rich in sociocultural traditions and landscape management practices. Awareness of climate change and new ideas about environmental stewardship suggest a new lens through which to engage these contested sites and advance new sustainable, resilient strategies along our coasts. This webinar engages with the dynamics of intertidal zones and their human and non-human inhabitants in two distinct regions along the Pacific Rim: Hong Kong at the edge of the Pearl River Delta and the Gulf of Tribuga, an area in the Pacific coast of Colombia. The presentations will address issues related to sociocultural practices of communities living in these landscapes, review ecological engineering strategies for regenerating hard coastal edges, and discuss the pedagogical methods that are cultivating rich design education through engagement with the intertidal zone.

Dec 10, 2021 09:00 AM in Hong Kong SAR

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