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Geoff Koerner
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NAACP Eugene Springfield
I have a poem
Steve Dear
A rhetorical question: What’s the cost to our souls for not changing the name to Kalapuya County? This is *their* land. Please do not speak of financial costs to this in 2020. “It’s time for some change y’all! That’s all I got to say.”
Richard Steers
I support Pete’s suggestion about a two-stage approach that might be an easier sell than one-stage among LC’s largely white population. Do other panelists have any reaction to Pete’s suggestion?
Kirby Brown
Huge thanks to the organizers and to each of the participants and especially to our local elder, teacher, and knowledge keeper Esther Stutzman. I'm interested in following up on Pete's discussion of procedures and how we actually put the issue of revising the charter and putting renaming the county to a vote by the people. And, once the people speak, what is the turnaround time for getting that charter approved/accepted by the state legislature?
Richard Zeller
Thank you so much to the presenters. I would like to see Lane County renamed, preferably something that would honor native peoples. I like Kalapuya as an option, but I foresee some difficulty in getting the whole county to agree on a name. I have heard the possibility of naming our county after the Siuslaw. The east, middle and west of the county are not now (maybe never have been?) a unitary culture. It feels like an opportunity to revisit our divisions.
amanda p & dianne d
Following on Kirby’s question: how do we contribute to this effort? This is an educational session. A lot of public education is needed, to make clear how right a name change is. There should be discussion about the name. So many good points are being made tonight: thank you.
Mark Siemens
Has there been any polling to get a read on the public sentiment around change to Kalapuya?
Marc Carpenter
Pete's had his hand up for a while.
Richard Steers
Why can’t we work with W. LC to end up with two counties named after local Indian communities?
Richard Zeller
Thank you, Pete. I certainly din’t intent to disparage anything Esther is pleading for. I agree. I think the political divisions of the county are part of the problem. I would be happy to live in Kalapuya County.
Daniel Robertson
wouldn't it benefit everyone in Lane County just to have the discussion around a proposed amendment?
Kari Norgaard
Thank you to all for this. Name change to Kalapuya is our moral responsibility. Now is the time. Hayu masi
Daniel Robertson
bob, Shannon has had her hand up for quite a while
Kit Sibert
Does the 2 stage procedure take the power out of the argument to change to Kalapuya by making it Lola Lane
Steve Dear
Yes, it does. No more half steps!
Kari Norgaard
Pete can you please put the link to do this into the chat
Kari Norgaard
for the petition that is
Patience Collier
I'd like to add to what Kit, Marc, Steve, and Esther have pointed out about the half-step of Harry/Lola Lane County - two years ago, when we had less momentum behind these name changes and de-lionization movements, a different Lane seemed like the most that could be done. But now, with the wealth of information on Lane's crimes against humanity, and the momentum of the political moment, wouldn't it be worthwhile to go all the way?
Patience Collier
*all the way to Kalapuya County, I mean.
Richard Zeller
If there is to be a petition to make a name change and there would still be a single county, it would be best to have a coalition that extends from the Cascade Summit to the beach.
amanda p & dianne d
Thank you, everyone. We’ll be staying tuned to learn how to help forward the distancing from racist, misogynistic names. It’s important.
Steve Dear
Nanosh Lucas
I want to join my voice with Esther’s in support of a full measure. She described eloquently and graphically how half measures are not sufficient, how they don’t acknowledge injury, and how they can create further harm.
Steve Dear
And: https://ndnhistoryresearch.com/2020/06/26/a-petition-to-change-the-name-of-lane-county/
Katie Staton (she/her/hers)
Richard Zeller
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Richard Zeller
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Richard Zeller
Ditch Lane. Change the name.
David Luebke
I hate it when I shoot myself in the shoulder with a shotgun
Marsha Weisiger
And so hard to do, too!
Dennis Hebert
Wasn't Lane taken to John Drain's house before jesse went and got him?
Geoff Koerner
Thank you for this discussion. Let us make the change to Kalapuya County. Goodnight, all. Kloshe konaway (“good to everybody” in Chinuk Wawa.)
Richard Zeller
Ah the Deep State back then? Was Lane a great 2nd Amendment supporter?
Yes he was taken first to Drain’s house and then to Jesse”s.
Nanosh Lucas
Thanks to all for being here and putting this together! I learned a great deal.
David Luebke
thanks Bob and Marsha!
Liz Carter
Thanks so much! This was great!
Richard Zeller
Thank you. Very informative.