CLLAS Symposium - Shared screen with speaker view
Feather Crawford
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.| MUSICAL PERFORMANCES: Una Isu and Hip Hop HoodíosDescription: Music and discussion by Miguel Villegas Ventura AKA Una Isu, and Josh Norek. Una Isu is a trilingual Ñuu Savi (Mixtec) rap artist, Indigenous migrant rights activist, organizer, Tu’un Savi (Mixtec) language instructor, and dancer. Josh Norek is the frontman/MC for Hip Hop Hoodíos, a Latino-Jewish urban music collective.
Thank you everyone for sharing your work and presentations with us! All such important works and I thoroughly enjoyed them all :)
Cecilia Enjuto
I have to leave now, but I really enjoyed your presentations! really great!! many thanks! gracias!!! congrats!
Spike Gildea (he him his)
I have to leave also — thank you again to all the speakers, I am excited to learn how each of your dissertations turns out, and I take great hope in the thought of what you-all might do in the future!
Joana Jansen
Thank you all!